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Star Jasmine - issues?

I have this Star Jasmine that I got at Costco (a warehouse retailer). I put it in the ground, mulched it and have been watering it regularly (about every other day or so). It doesn't seem to be doing that well.

There is a lot of this in and around the neighborhood so I thought it would do well. What have I done wrong? Note, I have had problems with under watering in the past - I have a lantana that is still struggling to pull through - and so have really tried to be better about doing so since. The Star Jasmine almost looks droopy like over watered, but I really don't know.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Star Jasmine by fence
Star Jasmine by fence
Star Jasmine up close
Star Jasmine up close

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Re: Star Jasmine - issues?

It is looking droopy. Either under watering or over watering can cause that (along with a few other things).

You didn't say how long ago you got your jasmine. If it was very recent, perhaps it is just still going through transplant shock.

How much sun exposure does it get?

Every other day or so watering could be a bit much, depending on the weather you are having-- hot ? sunny?

The condition of the soil should tell you whether it is under or over watered. Dig down a few inches, next to your plant. Is it soggy? dry?
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