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Rainbird ESP Modular Controller Error

Inground sprinkler system Rainbird ESP Modular Controller Error:

Using Cyclic in advanced to water every 4 days. It ran on AUTO a few days back no issues, but when I checked it today its give an error " 4 error" and flashes back and forth from current date/time screen. Any ideas on troubleshooting this. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Rainbird ESP Modular Controller Error

I think it means there is a problem with zone 4 on your system. Check the valve and make sure it is turn on. On your controller try turning zone 4 on in manual mode. Go to your valve and see if you hear it turn on or see water coming from the emitters or sprinklers in that zone. If it does not turn on there is
1 maybe a loose wire
2 solenoid may be bad
3. Open the cover of your controller and make sure all of the wires are connected and secured.
4. follow the lines from the controller to the valve; make sure the wire is not broken somewhere along the line.
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Re: Rainbird ESP Modular Controller Error

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