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Climbing Vines - help me hide neighbours garbage!


I'm unsure if this is possible (but hoping it is!).
We share a driveway with neighbours, and have an awful view of their garbage/broken down cars.
Currently there is a chain link fence with trellis attached (see pics). I'm wondering if it is possible to grow climbing vines in little to no soil (and if they would survive a Canadian winter).
The location gets full sun & I live in Toronto, Ontario.

I'd love to block out the neighbours with something green & beautiful :)

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Re: Climbing Vines - help me hide neighbours garbage!

First of all, you will have to build some raised garden beds at the bottom of the fence. Or just place some plant containers I'd say about every 5 ft all over the fence. And fill 'em up with soil.

Letting a Wisteria vine climb over the fence would be a magnificent idea.
Wisterias are fairly cheap (I bought mine at a community flower sale for $6 and it was 3 ft tall). They also grow fairly quickly compared to other vines and they will survive Canadian Winters (I know because I have had a Wisteria myself for 5 years and I live in Canada).
Zone 8b, Canada

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Re: Climbing Vines - help me hide neighbours garbage!

First I have to ask, is that your fence or the neighbor's fence. Even if it's your fence, growing something on it that will extend over the fence onto your neighbor's side could be problematic. If it's your fence and you have a couple of feet of property on the other side that you can walk on to trim the plants that extend over to that far side, you're okay, but otherwise, growing something right on the fence may not be a good option. Bringing in pots of arborvitae evergreens might be an option. Line them up along the fence to block the view.

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