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Here comes the Sun!

I think I now have a more sun than shade yard in what area. Last year I had a ratty elm taken out, and I did get more sun. Now a big ol' oak has been taken out across the side street. (Light company contractor as tree menace to power lines). It's east side, so filtered some AM sun.

This will re-arrange a few things. I have one in ground area, about 4 x 12 that get's overgrown and more as I don't get in and clean. Then 2 rows of pallets (3 each row) with large containers on them. Plants are eclectic mix including herbs and flowers. I may just go with more pallets and containers (they are easier for me to deal with than ground).

I did get a small pile of firewood from the tree. The neighbor told me to help myself as he knows I have a fireplace. I carried over a few of the smaller pieces. One of the tree team was kind and threw over more of the smaller pieces to my yard as he was loading the truck. At least 3 people with pick-ups hauled off their share.
Have fun!

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Re: Here comes the Sun!

Lucky break. When the city tree shaded my yard, I had to change to a different kind of shade tolerant grass and I planted more things that like the shade. Now that the tree is gone ( half of it fell into the street at 1 a.m., so finally they cut it down), I did have to change some of my plants. The roses got more light from the street light so I had fewer problems with rose beetles on that side of the yard.

The extra firewood was a lucky bonus.
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