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pictures of jasmine with scale

i am attempting to post 2 pictures of jasmine leaves with what can only be scale (i think). it does not wipe off at all and they are really taking over the plant. Would like to kill them but not the plant. any help greatly appreciated.
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Re: pictures of jasmine with scale

I'm not entirely positive these are scale. They could be edema due to uneven watering?

Try dabbing, then wiping with cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. That will almost always get scale insects (as well as related mealybugs) off. Important to dab first and count to 10-20, then wipe.

Also, scale infestation is often accompanied by ant traffic. Do you see any ants?
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Re: pictures of jasmine with scale

agreed, doesn't look like scale to me. scale does wipe off, or can be killed with a fingernail.

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