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How to get a Dracaena draco plant to have more branching?

I have a 10' tall, 15 year old Dracaena draco plant in a 25 gallon pot but it still has just a single stem and head. Photos I have seen in books on tropical trees show this as a spreading, many branched tree. Can I induce this to take on a multi-branched form by simply topping the tree? Note: this is not the more common, smaller plant Draceana marginata. This is a tree dracaena the one known as "Dragon's Blood" or "Canary Island Dragon Tree".

Thanks for the help!

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Re: How to get a Dracaena draco plant to have more branching

Yes, just cut it off where ever you would like the branching to start. It is scary, because it will just sit there for a couple months, but it will put out branches, where it is cut off. But be sure to plant the top you cut off and keep it moist all the time until it makes roots and start growing again. The top easily roots and turns into a new tree.

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