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New to Gardens

Hello All:
My Wife and I recently purchased a house and we have some bushes that I moved a couple of months ago to the front of the house. I love these bushes, but they are now all dried out. I don't know what type of bushes they are and I'd really love to revive them. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello and welcome to the site. Considering your location and the season it may be nothing more than a deciduous shrub losing its leaves. Do you know the species? There is not really much you can do now except wait until spring and see what happens. If you have not already done so water them in well before it gets too cold and then after the ground gets thoroughly chilled mulch them in well.

If you get curious, prune a tip from one of the branches and look for green, living tissue. Don't get too discouraged if you do not see any at the tips, snip back a little farther. This is just a test and not a "treatment" so don't go too wild. You can also look for next years buds and see if they seem viable or dried out.

Time will tell and the only thing you can really do now is wait.


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Hi Newtogardens,

Congratulations on your new home. Great advice from Norm. Unfortunately you don't say if you amended the soil when you transplanted, if you mulched and how you have been watering. Got any pictures of the shrubs, either before or after transplanting?


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What time of year did you plant these shrubs? Have you been watering them? If so, how often? Also, how much sunlight do they recieve in a day?


Welcome to the Helpful Gardener :)

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When faced with a new garden it is always a good idea to buy a soil testing kit and find out if you have acid or alkali (or loam) soil.

Take note of which direction the borders are in, ie south facing or whatever.

This will help you when it comes to choosing plants as some prefer sandy soil and sun, whereas others like clay soil and partial shade.

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