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Day 1: 22 June 2007

OK, big breath. Trip of a lifetime v. 2.o! Remember the "world's largest cabbage" post? I wasn't kidding. Really did go to Alaska (AK). Will try to get some hort in the posts to keep it all legal... All the planning, confirmations printed, film purchased; now I can quit planning and start enjoying. The spring flowers have finished, everything can take care of itself for two weeks--I'm outtahere!

It's different up there. Hopped on a couple of planes and ended up in Fairbanks (FB), to literal golden sunshine and 83F! Oh yeah, and the luggage was really right around the corner from the plane! One whole wall was glass, looked out over taiga forest (not in MI anymore, Dorothy!), noticed the light was softer, more golden. Noticed the water runway paralleling the jets' runway. Yup, it's different up here. Met up with the cousin from CO, checked in to our cabin on the Chena River. Besides the light, I noticed a familiar smell--lilacs! They were in full bloom on summer solstice! Talk about a time warp. Mine finished waay back in May! Spring is just hitting it's stride up here. Stuck a toe in the river--not too cold, but a pretty stiff current. Stayed on MI time, so went to bed early, woke up around 2:30 a.m. local time. Took picture of clock and then out the window. Sun had moved around, but didn't dip much. Could have gone outside and read the paper! Flipped the sleeping mask back down, smiled to self, and went back to sleep...

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Wow, that's cool. Be sure to post some pics!

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