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Warning, Farmer Seed and Nursery

This has been my experience with Farmer Seed and Nursery. I ordered 12 trees from them this spring. I have never ordered from them before but they had some trees that were for my zone, where other catalogs didn't. They were suppose to be out of Minnesota (which right next door to me and should be more my climate) according to the catalog but later I found out they go by Burgess or Plantron, Inc. from Illinois.

On arrival I received buffalo berry trees instead of juneberry trees. So per instructions I sent in my shipping label for a replacement. The trees were sketchy, less than a foot tall and not as big as a pencil. Tiny twigs. So two weeks later I only see life on two trees, the Manchurian apricots. So I notify them that the other 10 are dead. They said they had my label on file and were in the process of shipping the juneberries. Now a month later I get a letter in the mail stating they do not have my label on file and I need to send it in. Still no juneberries.

Now that I have been having problems, I find numerous reviews that are not positive. I just wanted to let you know so you can make a more informed decision than I did about this company.

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Re: Warning, Farmer Seed and Nursery

sorry, they were all bought out a few years back, until then some of them were reputable. What you are seeing in the location of the original company they bought out. The list of those bought out is fairly long and not one of them is worth dealing with from what I have heard and experienced.

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