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My elephant's ear is sick!

Hi everyone, my name is Nick, and I live in Fresno, California (Hardiness Zone 9b). I'm new to gardening, and I need help. I have a small potted elephant's ear (colocasia). It has been on my patio for about 4 weeks, and recently the leaves started growing some sort of fungus looking white material. Pictures are attached. I tried Google for some help, but I wasn't successful, so I'm hoping someone here can help me. What is it, and how do I get rid of it? Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated!!

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Re: My elephant's ear is sick!

Hi Nick, welcome to the forum.

Looks like powdery mildew. Remove the most distressed foliage. The leaves with a complete or almost complete coating. Snip the stems back to the base.

Prepare a very mild solution of original Dawn dishwashing liquid and water. 1 - 2 tbsps. Dawn to 1 gallon of water. Have a container of clean water available to rinse your towel in. Gently wipe ALL surfaces of your plant with the Dawn solution. Rinse your towel between each swipe. Refresh your rinse water frequently. You do not want to re-distribute the mildew to the plant.

Pot up you plant to a larger, well drained pot. Remove as much of the old soil as possible. You can gently rinse the old soil off of the roots without harming the plant. As you rinse the old soil off of the roots rinse the entire plant (after it has been cleaned) .

New pot, fresh soil, clean plant.

Good luck.

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