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Can Sunflowers be replanted?

HI, I hope I'm in the right topic.
Does anyone know if sunflowers can be replanted when they are about 12 inches tall or even taller?
I moved a few in my garden, but now they are leaning and don't look too good...so I'm afraid to replant the rest of them.

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Sunflowers don't take well to being moved/transplanted. I've tried moving starts in those little pod things before - and they didn't care for that either.

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Thanks Grey

-for responding.
Some seemed to have shaped up this morning, but others still look like the life of them has been drained out.
I guess I'll just plant some new seeds.

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Could it be the site? Fertilizer? Don't move them until you are sure you have a good reason to...


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transplanting sunflowers


I have transplanted sunflowers in the past(the most recent was just over 6 weeks ago) and have never had any problems unless they were more than 16 inches tall(something about the stress of transplanting and bad soil), Trick I have found to moving them is to be sure they have the proper sunlight, watter well for a week after transplanting and be sure the soil you move them into is of good quality. Just like almost any other plant really :)

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