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i suck at gardening!!!

my new wife and i just planted our first garden. we planted the garden almost a week ago, and it's not looking too good. i have two "leadwort plumbagos" and they appear to be doing the best out of the eight. the two "thriller lady's mantle" are not doing so hot. they are sagging on the outsides, and the whole middle section appears to have died and turned brown! i have one "ruby star coneflower" and it doesn't appear to be progressing. the two "wood's pink asters" appear to be alright, but they haven't started blossoming yet. finally, the "easy wave white spreading petunia" is sagging and seems to be really heavy.

any suggestions? i followed the gardner's directions when planting, and have only watered twice since then. should i water in the morning, or at night? should i water more frequently or less?

thanks for any help you might provide me!

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Well, without knowing the site or seeing photos it's kinda tough to diagnose. If you had a professional design the site then that's where I would go back to and have him/her diagnose your problem(s).

Happy gardening,

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If you just planted a few days ago, then give them some time before deciding if they are dead. The one that is brown at the base sounds bad - but like Wing said, hard to diagnose without photos.

Watering in the evening is better, the plants have the nighttime to recover from the day's heat with plenty of water to help them better handle the next day's beating. If you are getting the same heat wave we are right now, your plants are taking quite a beating.

Usually, it is best to plant in the spring and fall, when the temperatures are pleasant and not too stressful.

Since it sounds like you just planted, try some of these things and see if they help: water deeply every other day, and the plants in sun need some kind of shelter so they can have a chance to adjust to their new location. Give them a week or two under a tent - you can use an old sheet, peg it up with some garden stakes (not draped over the plant) and give the newbie some shade from the sun.

Good luck.

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