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Anyone grow Flax?

I grew flax in my herb garden this year, but I am unsure of how to harvest it. I know the seeds can be used, but I'm not exactly sure of the hows and what else flax could be used for. If anyone has any information or could give me a clue as to how to harvest it, I would be much obliged!
Thank you!
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Hi :D

It depends on the variety you grew as to whether you can use it.
Linum usitatissimum is the one that linseed oil is derived from and is also used to make linen. The seeds of this can be used in the same way that sesame seeds or poppy seeds are used. They are high in omega 3 and fibre but don't eat all of them as Linum tends to give up after a couple of years and if you want to grow it again then you need to save some seeds to plant. If you crush the seed it can be taken with cereal as a laxative for chronic constipation and diverticulitis, gastritis. Macerated seeds are good for pharyngitis, chronic bronchial complaints, coughs and sore throats. As a diet supplement for eczema and menstrual problems. Crushed seeds added to honey and lemon as a cough remedy.

And no, I didn't have all that in my head. I have a very good herb book from the Royal Horticultural Society! :lol:

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