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Raspberries and apples

Hi, I saw the other wonderful response regarding raspberries. We recently purchased a home that has them too, and apples and pears and apricots and rhubarb. I'm not sure how to care for any of these and do not want to make any mistakes.

I believe we have the summer variety for the raspberries as our plants are almost done, if not done, giving us fruit. How do I go about pruning and helping them to be healthier and preparing them for next year?

Right now they all are looking worn and tattered. I did cut some of the branches back just so the pile of them looks better and not such a mess. Was this ok to do?

In advance, thank you for responses. I know I'll appreciate any help.

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This site is good when talking about raspberries - I have it on the pruning page for you. Good luck!


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