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Unwanted Devil's Rhubarb removal

I have a major problem with Devil's Rhubarb, as we call it here, and its almost impossible to get at the roots, as they have rooted themselves completely adjacent to the foundation below ground level. I'm wondering if there is anything(organic of course if possible) that I may put there to kill them. I have cut them off at the ground, but some of the stem is still showing, . They have overtaken rosebushes, and are now having a party with our perennial Hollyhocks. And that says nothing of what they did to our once health wild raspberry patch.

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Hi Wayne,

Do you mean burdock?

You could spray the leaves with vinegar. Horticultural vinegar is 15% to 20% acidic and household vinegar is 5% acidic. If you saturate the leaves with household vinegar when the plant is in active growth that should kill it. Vinegar is a non-selective herbicide and will kill anything it splashes on, so be careful with it.


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