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let there be light.

Spring has sprung and so has a ton of yard work. I thinned about 60 or more mostly alder trees from the rhododendron garden area to let in light and to encourage the Douglas fir trees. The rhododendrons really needed the light as the trees had grown and were blocking the light to them. I want that part of the yard to look like a park. I also have been trimming up the branches on the Douglas firs, climbing a ladder with a powered pole saw, now that is hard work, my body is telling me so. I am prepping some areas to plant lawn and some to reseed lawn. Plus all the other yard work to be done. No rest for the wicked I guess. I will post some photos latter.
The things I do are an evolution and I am always learning. My way is not the only way of doing things, and I may and will change the way I do things as I learn better ways. So any advice that I give is in that spirit.

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Re: let there be light.

Hi Tom, Fall is on the way, wanted you to be the first to know.


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