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Speaking of weather predictions...

Does anyone want to guess what they think their winter will be like? I thought this might be fun to see how we compare with the experts. We can update as the months progress. Maybe you have picked up some hints that the Farmer's Almanac misses? In my area FA says it will be really cold but not much snow. My guess: early light snow showers in October and November with lots of snow in December and January with average winter temps. Ok your turn :D.

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Re: Speaking of weather predictions...

You had a different weather predictions thread you started. This might have worked better attached to it.

Do I have any guess about the weather separate from what the weather experts tell me? Not really. For my area there are predictions of colder than usual and less snow or colder than usual and more snow.

If I had to guess based on nothing but what we know so far of global warming patterns, I would say short winter. It may get colder than usual for a little while in there, but these days winter is late to come and early to leave. Short winter and maybe a couple big snow storms. Not lots of snow over all, but coming in bigger bursts. I am pretty far inland. But at least the edges of some of the lake effect/ ocean effect snows do get to me, where the combination of warmer than usual water plus cold air dumps a lot of snow, as has been happening on the Atlantic seaboard a lot lately.

So there, I am on record. Anyone else want to go on record with a guess about what their winter might be like? :)
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Re: Speaking of weather predictions...

I sure hope mine is cool enough to get a few overnight lows below 70 F. I want my tomatoes to set fruit!
The humidity dried up, but the next cold front is going to stall out before getting here, bringing back heat and humidity. :(
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Re: Speaking of weather predictions...

Am I cheating by having waited so long to make a prediction, Sunflower??

We have had a very slow slide out of winter, very slow warming through spring, a very warm sunny summer that lingered, a very consistently cool fall. Right now, there is a light frost every morning and the first frost was almost 4 weeks ago! Except for a few days when it did not freeze, it hasn't been colder than 28°f.

All this means is that there is likely to be a rather dramatic change like the nasty dust storm we had in mid-September :shock: . That ended our hot summer and highs dropped 30° immediately!

If this "sameness" continues much longer. We will be into a time for snowstorms! I am enjoying the sunny afternoons right now but beginning to hope for some rain. I will have to begin watering the lawn again today! So for here, I guess I'm predicting Winter Drama!!

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Re: Speaking of weather predictions...

The winter rains are a bit late and parts of the state has been in a two year drought. Total rainfall has declined for a few years now. I predict that we will have a few storms which is typical this time of the year and some flooding but the trades are likely to turn off more often due to the weak El Nino effect which would mean much more Kona weather and vog and some days sans the usual mauka and windward showers. There is a weak El Nino which means the winter will be relatively dry.
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