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Old Dirt, Trash, Sticks, Leaves

We just had a new privacy fence built where lumber set in our yard for quite a while. At the time of the fence being put up, the poles were also cemented in. Around the fence was a large number of weeds. I went ahead and took out all the weeds and little grass that ran along the privacy fence about five feet out all the way down. I dug old cans, trash, debris, sticks, leaves, and a large amount of rocks and dirt up from the soil that sat down the fence line.

Does anyone have any ideas what I could do with the pile of dirt that I have? Would it be possible to use it to plant a flower garden? I plan to try and take all of the trash and large rocks out that I can. However, it would be impossible to get all the small rocks and leaves. My idea was to build a large (rather deep) flower bed along a section of the new fence. The pile sets maybe 1 ft. to 1 1/2 ft tall across about a 10 ft. section. Would it be possible to add about 12" of potting soil all the way across and plant a flower bed using all this old dirt/soil/leaves/sticks? I was thinking it wouldn't be an issue, being that most flowers have a planting depth of less than 12", or at least the ones I will be planting.

However, while typing this I came up with another idea of putting a large piece of clear plastic (similar to what painters use or what you would use to solarize a yard) and laying it over the pile, building the flower bed around it, and putting a foot or two of potting soil on top of the plastic.

Any ideas are appreciated!

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