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Gardening Holidays


I have a holiday cottage in North Wales that I let out and Mum thinks it would be a good idea to offer gardening holidays - where gardeners get a decent discount if they spent a couple of days doing a bit of gardening. Do you think this is a good idea or a silly one?



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Depends on who does your gardening. Could get some real know-nothings who do more damage than good. Would necessitate a screening process of some sort...

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renting to gardeners

OK, hate to be a spoilsport, but you should consult with an attorney/legal adviser about language in your lease agreement, also. What if someone transplants in a pest that hitchhiked on a plant, or worse, some noxious, spreading weed because it had a "pretty flower"? Who will be held liable and responsible to clean out the mess/get rid of the pest? I don't know what part of GB you're from, but you may want to check on things weekly? until you're comfortable with the renter's gardening skill level. Or perhaps have a good neighbour check up on them? I'd start with gardening friends as lessees first (treat them as any other renter--get everything spelled out in writing). I know I'm pretty pessimistic for a gardener--my day job influences me, sorry. Keep us posted as to how it goes, you've piqued my interest.

Happy gardening!

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