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Humungo pot

Yes, humungo (hyoo mun goh) is part of my vocabulary. Anyway, since I can't drive legally yet :cry: my mom was driving me to school the other day and in someone's driveway there is this huge pot like as tall as my mom's minivan. There's something sticking out of it but I haven't gotten close enough to see since the driveway is pushed back a little but I'm sure to go there soon and take a picture.

Just thought I'd like to start something to talk about.
Be back with a picture soon.

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Is is round, with a wide lip, terra cotta? It might be what we call drain tiles or drain pipes. The Midland, MI fairgrounds use them as planters, all over the grounds. They come straight, 45-degree angle, and tee-shaped. Would love to see that photo, if you don't get in trouble taking it.

Happy Gardening.


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