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best way to fertilize with a drip system

I am trying to fertilize my plant with a drip system. Currently I am using the miracle gro liquid feeder (the one were you can just screw on the bottles). But I have some concerns. The fertilizer does not really get soaked in the ground since I am using a drip system, it just kind of drys on top of the soil.

I am thinking about hooking a miracle gro no clog feeder up to my drip system to have it fertilize every time the it waters. It is on an automatic system that comes on twice a week for 30 minutes. Each plant has a 1/2 gallon per hour drip emmiter. Is this to much fertilizer if I am feeding the plants every time? I do not want to kill the plants with to much. The miracle gro box says to feed every 7 to 14 day. I also thought about hooking the miracle gro feeder up for every other watering, but then I am afraid that since the such little water is used by the drip system that miracle gro will never reach the end of the line.

I have looked at the EZ Flo Fertilizer injector and those fertilize every time the plants are watered, so maybe it is not to much fertilizer for the plants or maybe they do not put out as much fertilizer as the miracle gro feeder??? I have no idea

Any one else have any ideas on how to fertilize plants with a drip system. Or should I just stick with the Miracle Gro liquid feeder, since some fertilizer is absorbed by the leaves?

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