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Why Plant Thyme on Lawn Close to the Road?

Just bought a house in Jan. In between the snow fall and melt, I noticed the front lawn is covered in some kind of thyme. Wonder why the previous owners would plant herbs so close to the road. It also gets me thinking about what other things I might find. I see some holly bushes, and maybe some roses in an overgrown flower bed.

I can't wait for the snow to melt so I can play in the dirt!!

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I can definitely relate :) My husband and I purchased our house in July and I joined Helpful Gardener so I could ID all the plants that were new to me. It's so fun discovering what's popping up this Spring.

Enjoy your new garden! I'd love to see photos.

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At least you have a start and hopefully flowers and shrubs that you like. You can always transplant what you want to keep if it isn't where you want it. I hope you get some nice surprises when the snow melts.

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