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Vertical garden box to hang on the fence

Lasrt year Home Depot adds on TV had a really cool looking vertical gardening box. I checked their site and the example was submitted by a viewer not the plans for the one shown. The viewer's take looked a like over kill. I have a pallet that I can disassemble. My patio fence is a shadow box fence so I ill need to install 1" x 1" (or larger) to screw the box to. The one I saw had a solid plywood back. I think that would add too much weight to an already heavy box. For esthetic reasons I am thinking of a box 36" wide and 24" tall.I can make the frame from the pallet ( some scabbing needed. I am thinking of tacking chicken wire to the back side and lining with heavy duty landscape cloth. I would tack landscape cloth to the front of the frame then wood lattice which I have. The front could be finished off with inexpensive 1" x framing strips. Cut holes in the cloth between the lattice openings and plant. I am thinking of maybe use one of those hole cutting things that you can put on a drill to cut holes in the top board to facilitate watering. I am still not sure how to hang it. It will be heavy.

Another thought for water is to install 2 or 3 lengths of pvc with holes drilled in it. Add the water to the PVC.

Any ideas or input would be appreciated.

Thanks all.

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there is a method of hanging heavy cabinets on a wall....:

You put a 1x horizontally at the top back of the cabinet that has a 45° angle cut on the bottom of the board. You put a 1x on the wall that has a 45° angle cut on the top of the board. You hang the 1x on the cabinet on the 1x on the wall. If you orient the angles correctly, it hangs securely. If you reverse them, it won't work...... the points of the 45 have to be away from their respective surface.....

You could put a 1x on the top of your planter frame, and a corresponding 1x on the fence where you want to hang it. As long as they are both securely fastened, they will support quite a bit of weight, and won't tip, and you can remove it "easily" if you can lift the weight....

If the 1x is not recessed into the sides, you may need to add a 1x across the bottom so the whole assembly hangs straight....

Does it make sense to separate layers of soil with a plastic membrane so all the water doesn't just run to the bottom? You could have (in 24" height) four 6" soil segments that would be watered individually (by pipe?) so the top plants aren't always dry and the bottom ones always soggy.....

Just thinking.....


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