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I can't say enough about old carpet around the garden!

being in the carpet busines I get 100,s of yards or old capet all the time. I take most to the dump but I have used alot around the gaden and woods! The one area wher I have my 3 greenhouses is next to a woods and has alot of weeded areas aound it! The woods have rtons of al kinds of vines and jaggers all over. to make a path along the outside of the woods I cu 4 foot strips of rug and layed it upside down where all you see is the burlap back or white brownish back. If I get a old indoor outdoor green grass I lay it with the green up!
I go ito the wooded are afrer a ain and all the leaves under the rugs are loaded with tiny worms that are even a 1/2 inch long!. I even go between my cold frames with rug and even in the greenhouse the intire floor is rug and it stays dry! Most of the rugs are stanes with urine from animals but after a few rains the soil benifits!.
Rug is easier to cut from the back. Rug also make a nice cover for the back of a wood fram greenhouse on the north side in the winter that really isulates and is easy to remove! you can get rug fro many of the carpet outlets when their dumpsers are full! the back of the rugs most of the time are very newish looking and make a fine divider in the garden rows. The carpet holds the moisture and is like a mulch and even keeps some of the pets or animals away from digging! Any questions on capet ask me wih 53 years in the sales and installation business!?

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I used carpet that was being replaced at the school. We laid it carpet side up in-between our raised beds. We used it for 6 years and, even with our winters, it was still good. It was sure nice to kneel on as it padded the small rocks that dig in your knees.

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