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Monstera or Swiss Cheese Plant - Help

It's been cat attacked and I'm afraid the cats stay! :shock:

3 leaves left, each 2 ft, one bald, one with a dying leaf and one with a healthy leaf. I gave it a seaweed feed two weeks and it isn't getting worse or better, any ideas?



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Cats get nine lives, plants only one. Bummer. Is there any place you can put the plant with same sun exposure, but away from cats' reach? You may have to put it in a cage (yeah, a big one, depending on size of plant). But don't go feeding it anymore, until it gets a few more leaves. Just give it water and TLC. Maybe whisper promises of toothless kitties (just kidding--but I've threatened mine the same fate!) Can you watch the cats and squirt them with a squirt gun or bottle when they go near it? Their habit will be hard to break, but might work. (Maybe--they're cats, after all. "No" is catspeak for "try later".) I would go with quarantining or caging if you really want to save that plant. They seem to be harder to grow than regular philodendron-type plants. I gave up.

One note about cats--I tucked a few draceneae among the other plants, and when the cat ate that, well, they don't call it "dumb cane" for nothing! After he finished foaming at the mouth, and after he got an impromptu facial in the sink (rinsing his mouth), and after I nursed my wounds from giving him the facial, he couldn't meow for hours. He just mimed the word. Never bothered the plants again, though. BTW, I had the vets blessing to try this, I can't remember the particular species, but it was OK, as long as he didn't eat too much (I was watching), and I rinsed him off. He was also a BIG kitty--about 14 lbs, and 20" or more. That's my cat story. Good luck with yours.

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