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First off you can not sue or win a lawsuit from Monsanto unless you are a multi billionare with a team of lawyers, aint gonna happen.

Green Mantis you should check in to laws and be careful if there are any. There was a guy this summer in a somewhat rural section of a local county that has had chickens for something like 15 years. Never a cluck, crow or even a fart from them. Than one day some dingus complained and the city came to take them away and shut it down. It got on the news and eventualy they backed off. He was lucky but it is a gamble.

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Gixxerific...... I hear you. That's why I have to be "very" careful.

Darn it's hard to take the farmer out of me. :(

I know, there's always some jerk to spoil things. :roll:

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Ohio Tiller wrote:
gixxerific wrote:
Ohio Tiller wrote:I am surprised a few Seed Police have not come up missing!
Same thing here in the backwoods of Missouri anything can happen.
I have never meet a farmer yet that did not have a shovel in his truck!


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