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:D One more topic to think about, but than I say good night. Who rakes the leaves and who decides to leave them on the ground? Dumm question you must be thinking, but there it is! :oops:( I rake mine)


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I mostly leave them, other than the main front yard area, and as many leaves as are needed in the compost pile. Compost is my number one requirement for leaves. Secondly, I like the naturalized look of leaves in the yard. About 80% of the yard is left covered with leaves until early spring when they are added to the compost pile. IMO the yard would be a more natural area if the leaves were simply left in place to decompose.

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We have a GIANT maple in the front that can at times dump leaves like a dump truck! Most of the time I mulch them the same as I do with grass. But when it gets going and gets ahead of the mowing we haul them to the back and I fall till them into the gardens.

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My trees drop so many that they would smother the grass. I rake and put them on the garden area.

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Where I am now, I mostly don't have enough to worry about. My naturalized wooded hillside with native wildflowers, I just leave the leaves.

Where I used to live we had a couple acres of lawn with some big old trees that dropped tons of leaves. Raking was turning into a huge chore, and as James noted, there were enough leaves and leaves were large, the lawn would be smothered if we just left them there. So we went over them with the lawn mower to chop them up in tiny pieces which could break down. Just raked what I needed for mulching the garden and for compost.

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When there are not to many I just mow them. When there are lots of them I rake the lawns near the house using a pull behind sweeper rake behind a riding mower and use them as mulch or compost. I wish I had one of these.


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My only leaf issue is my 150 year southern live oak which sheds in the spring. G mulches the leaves with his riding mower with the bins attached to pick them up. I can only use one dump in my compost bins. The rest get bagged and picked up on Tuesdays which is yard waste pick up day. All parish yard waste is brought to the parish compost facility, composted and given away to parish residents. All good. The acorns are my real issue. The mower doesn't pick those up so we have to rake and rake and rake to get them up.

Merry Christmas all

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Leaves are everywhere around me and I make use of them. I cover all my cold frames with a foot of leaves and throw a few shovels of dirt on top. Lots of worms in the spring and rich top soil! The leaves also seem to mulch the weeds. Leaving leaves where they fall is like passing up gold or a $100 bill.! I even hall leaves in and put piles along the side of the garden to use as mulch in early spring!
This year it will be leaves everywhere. My dad use to get 10 big trucks of leaves in his 50 by 100 garden every year that township would dump for him. he had the best garden in the town every year especially his simson lettuce. Of course we also had chickens about 50 of them!! I even put leaves in the bottoms of my big planters which makes them lighter and gives a boost to plants a month later! I usually throw in a few worms also!

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