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sharing harvest with those in need

Well, I work in the nonprofit/fundraising world of food banks...

Today I stumbled across this network of gardeners that share their leftover/extra produce with local food pantries. It looks like a great way to give back, if you have an ample harvest, or maybe were just gardening for pleasure and grew a little more than you actually need.

coming previously from the social services/case management side of things, I know how frustrating it would be to recommend that someone visit their local food pantry when they are hungry only for them to come back and tell me they were given expiring canned goods of sodium-packed, soggy veggies.

Unfortunately, when a family is hungry, what they really need and lack is that access to nutrient rich, fresh produce. I think this is a really cool way to help others, while doing something I arleady find enjoyment in doing. Unfortunately, my garden is pretty small and the only thing I anticipate having too much of this year is grapes, but I am happy to share grapes!

Does anyone here participate in this program or something similar in your communities? Would love to hear about it!

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