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I'm going to "perk up" my grandmas beds...suggesti

While my grandparents are out of town, I am going to add a layer of compost to her flower beds and look into whiteflies(she has had a problem with them for a few years). They take excellent care of thier yard, but have never used compost!, she just put down some mulch for the first time(redwood). I am going to put the compost under this.
Anyhow, any other suggestions for quick and easy things I could do??

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Garden Girl,

Gosh, I'm going to adopt you!! ;) Without pictures it's difficult to say but here's what comes to mind.

Prune fall flowering shrubs.
Edge flower beds.
Wash any bird feeders, bird houses and bird baths in hot soapy water.
Pull weeds.
Powerwash sidewalk/driveway.

I can give you my list if you like. ;)

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