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Hose Pipe ?

Hi thinking of getting a new 'Hose Pipe' due to the present one becoming twisted, kinks etc. Once this happens within the entire hose pipe, is there a way of correcting it? Could anyone recommend which hose pipe to buy, one that doesn't 'kink' preferably?

Thinking of a recoil one? or flat hose?

Any bargains on the internet?

I have a large garden back & front

Appreciate any help

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Hi Joe2cool :)
nice to talk to a fellow countryman. :D
There are hoses sold as being non-kinking but they are very stiff and difficult to store and will eventually kink. I don't think you can buy a long enough recoil hose they only seem to make "water your pots on your patio" length. The flat ones kink too eventually. My advice is to get a wall mounting for your hose. Since I bought mine I don't seem to have anywhere near as many problems with kinking as I did when I left it as a heap on the floor.
As for correcting a kinked idea..never heard of anyone doing it though.

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Yes, this is an eternal battle. Non kinking hoses will, by physical nature still kink, eventually. This is because of a physical concept called ENTROPY that simply states everything will continually moved toward a state of complete randomness.

The hose because kinked and coiled because in that state, the hose itself is more random and therefore less energyis consumed to keep it at the physical state of being rather than being straight.

So, it will take longer for a non kinking hose to coil and kink but, eventually one of the most fundamental laws of thermodynamics states that it will kink and coil eventually.

Good luck!

Also, try sales at local nurseries, and get to know the nursery staff... you never know what you might get for free or at a discounted price. (At one of my local nurseries; every year end they have a customer appreciation sale where everything in the store except for all the nasty poisons and what not is 40% off)

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cheers ................. :)

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