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Interesting Factoids about Hot Peppers

I'm making chili powder. I want to do it all au natural-allowing them to air dry and grinding them by hand--it's dumb, I know, but it pleases me :oops: I'm working with each variety of pepper separately. At the end, I will weigh what I have, and I will know what I have in my blend, just in case it's either awful or terrific.

Anyhow, every time I work with the Super Chilies, I wind up with a bloody nose. I have not had a bloody nose in, like, ever, so this and the fact that I am still taking the blood-thinning medication prescribed after last summer's blood clot made me curious.

I googled "chili powder bloody nose" this morning. I learned that the active ingredient in hot peppers (capiscum) is used to treat the following ailments (data obtained from [url=]WebMD[/url]):
  1. upset stomach
    intestinal gas
    stomach pain
    poor circulation
    excessive blood clotting
    high cholesterol
    preventing heart disease
    relief of toothache, seasickness, alcoholism, malaria, and fever
    difficulty in swallowing
    applied to the skin for pain caused by shingles, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia.
    topically for nerve pain (neuropathy) associated with diabetes and HIV, other types of nerve pain (neuralgia), and back pain
    used on the skin to relieve muscle spasms
    a gargle for laryngitis
    inside the nose to treat hay fever, migraine headache, cluster headache, and sinus infections (sinusitis).
    currently being studied as a drug for migraine, osteoarthritis, and other painful conditions.
Capsicum is actually prescribed as a medication; I kid you not. Super Chilies must have an incredibly high level of Capsicum, higher than NuMex Big Jims, Habaneros, and Frankenchilies, at any rate. Those of you into natural healing who are suffering from any of the above disorders might consider adding Super Chilies to your garden next year 8)
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I read about doctors using capstan for pain, it works on the receptors of pain nerves and help shut them down. I have some balm that has capstan in it best of all it does not smell. I read about doctors using it for a kind of burning foot disorder; they numb the foot then wrap it in a very powerful captan cream and it works better than all the other methods tried.

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