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Plants from seeds saved arent the same as the original plant

I saved some seeds from some lima beans that are fordhook bush variety. I did a second planting this year from these seeds and they seem to look like the are going to be more like a pole variety. These are the only lima beans that were planted so cross pollination can't be the reason. I was wondering if this is something that happens often or just a fluke thing. I didn't think they would be pole beans so I'm not prepared for that. I guess I can just set something up for them with what I have if I have to. Just wondering and any input would be appreciated.

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Hybrids will revert back to the original stock sometimes. Maybe this is what happened.

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Yes, most of the seeds sold commercially, unless they are specially labelled as heirloom, are hybrids. They are crosses between different varieties. Seeds saved from them grow up to look no more like the originals than children look like their parents... so they will all still produce beans, but not the same bean you started with.

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With a little research looks like Fordhook / Fordhook 242 Lima bush bean are open pollinated.

or maybe not :?
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lily51 wrote:Hybrids will revert back to the original stock sometimes. Maybe this is what happened.
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