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*FRESH* What are you eating from the garden thread :D

Starting a fresh thread --

I picked a bucket of apples today ahead of predicted arrival of Hurricane Irene this weekend. Any apple that came right off or looked good and readily within reach.

I still have to process the rest but we picked out the worst bruised/damaged ones that would "spoil the barrel," quick peeled with the new gadget mentioned in the Fruit Forum, then made apple cobbler.

It just cooled down enough to eat and !!! MMMMMMmmmmmmm !!! :D :D :D :() :>

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:evil: :P

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I've been eating corn on the cob almost every day for the last month. I'm done eating everything from the first planting, and I just checked the last planting. It won't be ready for another week :evil:

I am suffering withdrawals. I could NEVER tire of corn on the cob!
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We're lucky enough to be able to eat fresh frozen year round. The day we pick we parboil or bread the harvest and get it in the freezer. Of course for about 4 months a year, we're eating fresh non-frozen. We grow pink eye purple hulls and green beans as staples along with tomatoes, corn, peppers of all sort, okra, potatoes and sweet potatoes, onions, herbs, cukes, squash, zucchini, and radish. Most of it is freezable and I can't tell a difference in the fresh and fresh frozen 6 months later.

We learned from our shrimping days that shrimp frozen within a day or two of catching and icing tastes and smells the same a year or more later. We have a generator for power outages but it's been a while since we've had a long one.

We think about giving up the garden every July when the heat tries to kill us but March rolls around and we forget what the heat is like so we plant it all over again.

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We have tons of basil, mint, chives and garlic. Orange peppers, strawberries, about a million hot peppers, tomatoes and purple scallions.

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Tomato, greenbeans, Peaches are ready ripe and juicy yuuumm,yumm. Late frost this year did a number on the other fruits.

I picked blackberries all summer I do believe I have enough to make my first batch of blackberry jam. It will taste great this winter.

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