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What does well-drained soil mean?

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 2:53 am
by loucksr
I live in north texas where the soil is clay. what should i do to make my soil fit the description of "well-drained"? I am assuming that clay soils are not "well-drained."

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 2:36 pm
by The Helpful Gardener
Sure enough Lou, clay is the absolute opposite of "well drained"; If you are looking at a particular plant with those needs you are fighting the tide.

Better yet to find plants that actually handle that clay soil; certain perennials like rudebeckia and echinacea are famous as "clay busters" for the deep taproots that will start to open up that clay. Check with your countyy extension service to get a list of other plants that will work in your soil and climate.