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Help with Coffea Arabica Plant

ok... so I have a coffea arabica plant...
I have it kept as a houseplant...
but no matter what I do... I can never keep it alive,
every day it fights for its life, and I don't know what to do!

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Hi Fangfarris,

Welcome to Helpful Gardener! When I read that someone is having problems with houseplants the first reason is generally due to overwatering. Rootbound plants are often the second reason. Unfortunately you haven't given us any information to work with in helping you, such as what you see going on with the plant. Are leaves turning color, do you see insects, does the soil smell, how long has it been in it's current pot, what kind of pot and does it have drainage holes? Do you let water sit in the saucer after watering? What are the sun conditions?

This site has growing info that should be helpful. If that's not enough let us know what is going on and we'll try and help.

By the way, it's best to state the problem or plant in the title as you are more likely to have more people look at it. Something like, 'Help with Coffea arabica' would be helpful. :)


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Hi Newt,
Feel free to change those kinds of titles. I just edited it myself. :)

Aren't these kinds of plants suited for outdoors?

My understanding is that these plants need weather that's similar for growing wine grapes, I.e. very cool on a mountainside but with hot in the afternoon. In El Salvador these plants are typically grown on mountainous volanic areas located in the coolest part of the country, although it can heat up in the afternoon.

I visited a friend's "cafetal" many years ago and those plants get pretty big with lots of red berries.

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Thanks for the heads up on the title! Actually these trees can be grown indoors but will be happiest outdoors during warm weather. I didn't find too much info out there about them, but they can make good houseplants.


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