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Help Needed for Garden Tool Project


My name is Katy and am an undergrad student studying Industrial Design (aka product design) and our next project we have been given is to design a set of 3 hand tools for gardening. Ofcourse I have looked at all the basic ones with a rake, hoe and shovel, sometimes a dandelion digger thing (sorry I am not completely up on the name), but I am looking for more information on this subject.

I was curious if you guys could help me.

I was just wondering what you look for in the design as far as the handle and angle of the tools in relation to the grip?

Also, are there ANYTHING you wish you could have in the garden that they don't make, perhaps a cross between or change to one of the tools.

I was told by someone that they wish they had a cross between a shovel and a hoe, because they tend to dig out the holes with the hoe and wish they could have a shovel type blade backwards instead.

ANY suggestions for tools or even handle designs/grips or a tally on what garden tools you use the most from the kits out of the hoe, spade, shovel, dandelion puller, tiller, etc would be good too.

Please help! :-D

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Well here is an angle to look at:

Universal Design and Garden tools

These would be garden tools desined for persons with a disability. To my knowledge, there is very little information on Universal Design AND Garden tools but, you could look at shape, height and so on for Garden tools.

Search Universal Design on the web and you will come across several organizations that would be able to help you in the design of a tool.

Try the universal design center in Atlanta, they might be able to help you with some useful stats to design a tool.

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