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Nutrients for traveling plants

Is there some type of supplement reccomended to use on plants while they travel through the mail. Something that would help them stay alive in the worst of situations, dark box with minimum fresh air and a one-shot water supply.

I particularly interested in shipping a section of sod via UPS and was wonder what is best to do the keep it as alive as possible.

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I would not use anything synthetic as that would encourage leafy growth that is succulent. Dormancy is best for travel. Water well and wrap in foil and newspaper. Pack so there is no room for the sod to shift and bounce around. Ship or mail priority mail on a Monday or Tuesday so the package doesn't sit in a warehouse over the weekend. Do not leave package in a vehicle all day before shipping. Label as live plants and have the receiving party available for receipt so the package doesn't sit on a cold or hot porch. Plants can travel and survive without sunlight for a few days.


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