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Propogater problems

Iget long spindly seedlings from my propogater
I know I am leaving them in to long
but how do you know when to take them out or open the vents
is it when first seedling appears or what

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I must admit, I don't know what you mean when you say: "propagator."

When I plant seedlings, I just place the seeds in small pots with soil and use a grow light. Seedlings become spindly when they do not have an adequate light source with the proper wavlengths of light.

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propagator problems

You need light as opabinia suggests, I put my lights on a timer for 16 hours on 8 hours off. Put the lights a few inches above the propagator tray. I use agrolights for the right spectrum. Also if the room is too warm the seedlings will also become leggy (spindley). Make sure the room is about 18-20 degrees or 70 farenheit. I have a growlight cart and I use bottom heat from the fixture below, and once they germinate I remove them from the bottom heat. Air circulation is also very important to ward off fungal diseases. I run a fan on rotate about 10 feet from the seedlings 24/7. I hope this helps you to produce new stalky, short-celled, strong seedlings. Janet P.S some seeds need darkness and/or other requirements to germinate.

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Hi Terry,

I agree with both Opa and Janet. Janet's mention of a fan is also very important as the breeze will also help to strengthen the seedlings. You might find this helpful.


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Yes, just a folow up to Janets mention of some seeds needing darkness or other conditions to germinate.

Absolutely correct in fact, some seeds need a light source to germinate, and some seeds need to be scoured before they will germinate. Anyway, the list goes on.

My point is: that you should read any instructions on the seed packet (or research the seed before trying to germinate if you collected it) before planting.

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