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Whats wrong with my bergonia?

I think its a bergonia? i have it in a semi shaded position, it is under shade cloth and gets about 8-10 hours of sunlight a day, it has gone like this in the last couple of weeks, before that the leaves were nice a lush and green, is it meant to do this or am i doing something wrong?


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It looks healthy to me especially since I can see blooms on it and new growth... What I'd suggest you do to make it look a bit nicer is to remove the dead leaves that have had their glory already and throw them away. Do this frequently as begonias tend to need a clean up to keep them happy and healthy. Cleaning up dead leaves around the base of any of your plants is a good idea as bugs and disease love dead decaying foliage.

Another thing is that some begonias have a wintering period. Hopefully this answered your question :D :D Take care!
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Lack of Light

Hi Anansa

I am a professional gardener and it looks like from the photo your begonia is suffering what we call elongation due to lack of light. It causes them to grow all lanky. I suggest you eithe remove the shade cloth or put the plant in a position where it receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Mine is in a pot and it gets the morning sun and afternoon shade. We get really hot summer days here in Melbourne like over 40C (104F) and then I bring it inside and we all hibinate together.

The shade cloth is blogging out too much light. A prune back would also help as BewilderedGreenyO.o suggested.

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