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First day of fall 2010

I awoke this a.m. to discover this is the first day of fall for 2010. I grabbed my first cup of hot coffee to comfort me as I prepared to make my way out the door to sit on my back porch. First I decided it would be prudent to go back to the bedroom to fetch my "heavy" robe to ward off the expected chill of morning air. I stood there, before the door that separated me from the comfort of my home and the icy weather outside and braced myself for that first arctic blast of the year.

Wow, only 81 at 6 a.m. and a predicted high of 92 for the day. Where did summer rush off to??? I type this with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Must be the heat that is making me delirious.

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Even here in Ohio, fall is being welcomed in with temps in the 90's, yesterday and today.

I will say it still feels like fall though, because all the humidity went away. 90's are so much more pleasant when it's not humid!

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I don't think it quite reached 70º here today, but at least the sun was out for a few hours. Rain tomorrow.

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I feel ya Gumbo it's has been hot an humid all week. Good for the garden somewhat but not for me.

Bring on the fall.

Hell I can't wait to see snow.

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