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Need to ID two types of plants in my backyard

I live in south Oklahoma City and I just discovered these plants growing in my backyard and I'd like to find out what they are. I apologize for the image quality. I had to use my cell phone and it's a bit dark and rainy outside.

Plant #1 (plastic bag not part of foliage):

I really like these guys. I've never seen them before but they're beautiful. They're growing behind a western fence next to my garbage cans so they get very little sunlight, yet they seem to be thriving. As you can see, it's a pretty barren area and even pesky weeds struggle to make a living there. They're bringing life to an otherwise dead area of my lawn. It seems to have a spiral leaf pattern if that helps any.

Plant #2:

This one sprung up along a pet fence next to my back patio. It seems to have long stems that produce three leaves per node.

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#1 looks like it might be pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) and can get quite large. If it is, it should eventually develop purple/black berries which are quite toxic. Keep pets away! They can get a little out of hand if allowed to seed, and birds (which are immune to the poison, as they cant digest the seed) are big spreaders. All that said, they can be quite pretty.

#2 I'd guess is honeysuckle (lonicera). The most common, l. japonica, is considered a pretty noxious weed, but again, not without a certain beauty. The smell when in bloom is amazing. However, it's one of those weeds on the invasive lists almost everywhere it grows, so use caution.

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I don't know the first, but the second one I believe is wild clementis. Is a vining plant? It's blooming like crazy here is St Louis at the moment.


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