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Vines and hanging pots?

Hi All! :D

Was just wondering, Can all vines can be grown from a hanging basket?

I *LOVE* the blooms that vines produce. They are so beautiful but I'm not crazy about how they all need a trellis to climb on. I've already got my Jade Vine growing on a trellis ... but I feel like I am so limited where I can put them..

Are there any other vine lovers out there that feel restricted by the way they grow? Any suggestions?

Thanks so Much! <3
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Lots of vines do just as well grown as a ground cover, just let it sprawl and grow where it wants. I have virginia creeper growing that way on my hillside...

And yes some of the smaller vines do well in hanging baskets.
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I have an assortment of clematis planted at the base of several shrubs. Theie roots like the shade and they can give interest to a shrub with a different bloom time, or they can harmonize with things if they bloom together.
I always have some morning glories that find their way to flat areas. They make a great ground cover, but will strangle their neighbors if given a chance.
Asarina is one of my favorite container plants. It will trail if given nothing to climb on, or will ramble its way among its neighbors.
Many bigger vines can be grown up trees or buildings.
I have lots of vines and very few trellises.

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Our pink jasmine vines like to grow up tall, they were established by the previous homeowner on a short porch railing, crawling up and over the deck railing that is about five feet tall and then up the trellis wall next to the deck. If you have something sturdy for them to crawl up they do best growing as tall as they can, our vines on the trellis wall are a good eight to ten feet tall. Pink jasmine are pretty vines that grow really big in our coastal weather, the only downside is they send out lots of runners and need trimming pretty regularly.

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