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I rescued one from work that had been laying around since last Christmas. It was a couple branches with hardly and leaves. I've nursed it back to health,it's bushing out quite nicely. Now I know Poinsettias depend on the 12/12 light cycle of the fall. My question is. If I plant it outdoors will it come back yearly or will it die off in the winter and be gone for good?

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I had one that I planted in my front yard and it lived for 4 years until Hurricane Katrina drowned it. I believe it would still be alive today if not for almost 3 weeks submerged in salt water.

Our winters would be much milder than yours in Lexington, KY. Only advice I can give is to ask around at the local nurseries to see what they recommend. They are pretty hearty plants though.

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It's a tropical plant. They are hardy in USDA zones 9 to 11. I don't think they can tolerate temperatures below about 40º. Does that match the climate where you are? :)
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There's a good article on poinsettias on the front page of The Helpful Gardener (the website, not the forum) at https://www.helpfulgardener.com/container/2003/poinsettia.html . Maybe some of your questions are addressed in the article?

Good luck!

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