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Little helper

My new buddy learning the routine of the garden. I have to watch her as I use the hand cultivator to clean, work in fresh dirt etc, and she jumps at it. Hope I don't get her little paw by accident. Name is OK aka Other Kitty. Kitty is a bit older and none too pleased with this addition!


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hehe cute! My cat loves to hang out with me while I garden too! :) She doesn't like the mister very much though lol! :D

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My Beagle likes to "help" also. Has to be right there. She likes to help dig but unfortunately she sometimes digs up what I have just planted. Oh well, gotta love her.

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The cat that owns us is basically an indoor cat. When we let her out to roam the yard, I notice she goes into stealth mode when in the veg. garden. Between the bees, lizards and all manner of insects, she looks for all intents and purposes to be a lioness on the hunt.

She doesn't seem to have much success with the garden hunts but is one of the best at killing roaches at night on the back porch. She especially likes to drop them by my wife to show her she's doing her job and this usually gets a little scream out of the wife. Gotta love the cat for that!!!

In the past, I almost always had a dog, but I have to say, cats are easier to maintain and this one has worked its way into my heart.

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