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I left the sprinkler on all night!!!!!

Ugh! Hubby called LIVID....

I left the sprinkler on - 10 hours.

I thought I turned it off - I guess I didn't.
I hope it doesnt kill everything.

Oh man am I in trouble w/ the mosquitos.....

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If your weather is anything like ours (1/2" rain past 3 wks. temps above 90 almost every day), the plants could probably use it. I put the hose on full on one shrub a couple weeks ago and just let it run for a few hours. All of it just soaked in, none of it ran off....

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Should be fine. You might have a pretty high water bill next month, unless you're on well.

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Buy a hose end timer.

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I accidentally left the hose on for 17 hours straight!! -wall- the water bill is gunna be sky high and I'll probably get a fine. :roll: :hide:

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Your garden should be fine. with this heat it will dry up fast.

I did that this year myself. I put the sprinkler on about dinner time in front and forgot about it. I woke up the next morning seeing wetness thinking "Did it rain?". Than realizing holy &*%$ that's my sprinkler. 14 hours or so I had a big bill but the everything loved the water.

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