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To Pot Plant or To ground plant..tis' the question!

In many cases I've read that plants (most plants) do better planted in ground. Which makes complete sense. But I've been thinking I might move sometime before I die lol and these plants have a long life span. So what do I do? Plant them anyway and then dig them up when its time to move ( if thats even possible without killing the plant ).. or just grow them in pots all over the place and hope they grow ok? I know most people will just "leave" all their beloved plants behind when moving.. but when it comes to my rare ones like the Jade vine and the Puya berteronianas I want them to thrive as well as being able to bring them with me if I ever decide to move. Especially since it can take the Puya berteroniana up to 8 years just to bloom :lol: What do you think I should do? Any suggestions?

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Plants become root bound in pots and the soil becomes spent. If you plant them in the ground you can dig them up if you take a bunch of the root most plants move just fine.

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