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hi there everyone,
do any of you know of a reasonable priced composter- tumbling type..?

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I don't know of any in particular that are reasonably priced but, if you haven't already tried, you might try dong an internet search.

Here are some other options for composting:

Trench composting:

Dig a trench and load up with comostables such and leaves and manure, etc. Then, just cover with soil and leave be.

Sheet composting

Just lay your compostables in layers over the area where you want the soil improved. I usually start with a layer of greens (Rye, vetch, peas and/or clover) that I turn into the soil. Then, I add a layer of either mulched or non mulched leaves and just keep going. Just leave it and the following spring you will have excellant soil. No fuss, mo mess. And no bad smells either.

Three Bin System

A lot of sites and designs on the internet, just do a google search.

The old fashioned compost pile

Tried, tested and true. Just do the layers as you would in sheet composting but, keep it confined to a certain area. I add what is listed above and also as many types of manure that I can get my hands on (I use this in the sheet compostings as well), coffee grounds (another green), as many leaves as I can find, you can use newspaper but, I don't and don't compost colour articles.... dioxins, bad thing. I compost all my weeds, and take all the corn husks from a local corn farm and mulch them up and throw them in their as well. Basically, the more variation is green and browns, the better.

Most of the above listed techniques are free so, you might consider them as well.

Cheers and good luck on your search.

If anyone out there does know of a cheap tumbler please let us know about it.

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The main section of the Helpful Gardener has an excellent article about [url=]composting[/url]. If features everything from the bin, to the location, to what to put in it. It's a fairly comprehensive overview of the entire composting process.

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