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Best Gloves/Thorny Plants?

I wanted some advice from those who have actually worked with thorny plants about what gloves will actually work to protect your hands while working with thorny plants.

1. So what gloves do you use to protect your hands from thorny plants?

2. Are there any certain gloves that you recommend?

3. I've heard that Nitrile Gardening Gloves are good have any of you tried them before?
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1. I use kidskin gloves for thorny plants - it's very hard to pierce kidskin with anything at all, even the spikiest of plants, and I grow some spectacularly spiky things (like Euphorbia milii, Szechuan pepper, and Cat's Claw :shock: )

2. I like what are called [url=,42407,33246&ap=1]Bionic Gloves[/url], which I bought at Lee Valley Tools. They're Cabretta leather (fine kidskin) with grippy neoprene pads on the fingers, and they're super-comfy. They're also one of the few gloves that come in the ridiculously small size that fits my hands. My current pair is about 5 years old, and even with constant heavy use (they're my general work gloves of choice) they're holding up very well.

3. I like Nitrile gloves in the lab, but not for gardening. They don't breathe nearly as well as leather does, and I find that I get "glove-stink" from wearing them in the heat. They're also not strong enough to stand up to the abuse of very thorny plants - I've had Bullhorn Acacia go through them like I wasn't wearing anything at all.

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