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Tall sunflowers

I was thinking of trying to plant some tall sunflowers in my backyard next year. However I have heard good stories and bad stories. The bad stories mainly include unwanted birds etc... What are your experiences with growing sunflowers??

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Birds are certainly attracted to most sunflowers, with the possible exception of certain ornamental hybrids that do not prduce seeds as well, however I have never considered them unwanted. I suppose it depends on your perspective. I normally get a decent patch of sunflowers and other plants under my bird feeders, and I just let the plants grow for the very purpose of attracting more birds (and recuding the cost of buying bird food). If you really wanted to keep the birds off, you could probably use some bird netting or something, but personally I think they are a plus.


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I love sunflowers, and I always love having the plethora of birds that they attract. The birds help to keep the unwanted insects out of my garden and ensure that only the beneficial insects are there.

Helianthus tuberosa has edible tubers but, is VERY invasive but, delicious. The tubers are akin to a cross of a potatoe and a water chestnut.
The best way to keep on top of this guy is to pull any unwanted plants out as they come up or it will soon take over your whole yard. But, it's not as much work as it sounds.

Helianthus maximillanii is often used to grow a hedge that acts as a deer barrier and has nice flowers

Helianthus annus is the usual sunflower that has been hybridized and outcrossed to no end and comes in a wide variety of shapes, forms and colour. Some are really beautiful.

So, the sky is the limit.

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