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question about overwintering

Hey all,

This year I finished my back yard..well not finished, but got the garden's planted and I look forward to working on them over the years. Next spring I'd like to do the front.

we have an odd shaped lot, which is 32 feet across. Basically we have two narrow strips of property in the front on both sides. I would like to plant a garden on one side of the driveway however that is where we pile the snow in the winter time. I've seen it piled up to 5 feet high, however the average is around 3 feet of snow. We use a chemical melter during ice storms etc but not salt.

Would a garden of perennials survive that much snow weight over winter? and the ice melter in small doses, or am I better to plant annuals every year. It would be around 30 feet long 3 feet wide. I live in the greater Toronto area in souther Ontario, so zone 5b from what I understand from our weather network.

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I'm not certain, but the snow may actually act as insulation for your plants - piled that high, the temps around them may not go much lower than 32 degrees.

Like I said I am not sure - I just moved to GA from FL so my experience with snow is limited. :wink:

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You had me worried there for a minute! I was wondering who was planning on starting their overwintering process already!! :lol:
I come from that much snow, and no it will not damage your garden, it actually insulates it. Mine get that much and more all the time.
I would be more concerned about what the ice melter you are using has in it? If it is something toxic, than you probably shouldn't be putting a garden there, or finding something more eco-friendly to melt your ice.
If you would like to let us know what is in the product, or what it is called, we can probably give you some advice regarding this. :wink:

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